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Community Profile

Trade Area Statistics

Population: 7049
Households: 2732
Mean Family Income: $38,340
State Highway 160: 3250 average daily vehicles
River Road: 4940 average daily vehicles
Average Commercial Rent: $.45-$.50/s.f.


The Walnut Grove Area has a very mild climate and an abundance of sunshine the majority of the year.  The area is noted for its pleasant "Delta" breezes which keep it several degrees cooler than the surrounding Sacramento Valley.  Over half of the total annual precipitation falls during the period of November through February, yet significant rainfall only occurs on about 10 days monthly during the winter months.   Heavy rainfall and damaging winds are rare.  Prevailing winds are southerly all year.  Light and moderate winter fog is generally confined to the morning and evening hours with an occasional dense fog occurring in the winter months.

Temperature and Precipitation

Month Max Min Average Precipitation
Jan 53.9 40.2 47.1 4.18
Apr 71.9 48.2 60.1 1.44
Oct 78.0 52.6 65.3 .90

Community Facilities

For a community of its size, Walnut Grove is home to a wide variety of community facilities, including a County Branch Library,  Post Office, an Elderly Nutrition Program located in the Delta Estates "Gakuen Hall" Community Center, the renovated Jean Harvie Community Center, and the Paul Barnes Community Park; tennis and soccer facilities are available at the Walnut Grove Elementary School.


The Walnut Grove area is serviced by the River Delta Unified School District.   Students attend Walnut Grove Elementary School (student population of 250) through the eighth grade, and then Delta High School (student population of 300) in Clarksburg.   Consumnes River Community College, a part of the Los Rios Community College District, is located approximately twenty miles north of Walnut Grove in Sacramento.


Walnut Grove Community/Presbyterian Church (916)776-1106 www.wgcpc.org
St. Anthony's Catholic Church (916)776-1330
The Buddhist Church (916)776-1312


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